The Story



I Have a Good Life is one family's story of heartache, struggle, breakthrough and thanksgiving in the midst of immeasurably difficult circumstances. Marian Nygard tells the story of life with a seriously ill son. It’s a story that begins with battles with doctors and social welfare, of joys and worries, of devastating setbacks.

As we read about Adrian’s experience, through pain and panic and countless surgeries, we see a family that holds onto the truth that God sees us and will touch our lives. 

And then we see a miracle...

It is a story about finding the good in every situation, about choosing to believe that regardless of the situations we find ourselves in, we have a good Father.

It is a story about how God showed up in power and radically changed not just one boy's life but the lives of a whole family.

It is about ordinary people and an extraordinary God. This miraculous story shows us a God who cares and who gives us a good life—even when it’s not easy. Join Marian and her family in this unforgettable story.



Before Adrian was healed, life was exhausting. As he got older and his conditions grew worse, he could no longer enjoy the normal activities of childhood, playing games, running, learning to ride a bike! Adrian also never got to enjoy “real” food and was fed intravenously for years.

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Medically Verified

One of the many unique aspects of Adrian's story of healing is that his doctors, who enjoyed over 10 years providing care for Adrian, were able to medically confirm his healing. His healing is medically unexplainable, but scientifically confirmed. See for yourself in the doctor's report, translated from Norwegian.



The day Adrian was healed, everything changed immediately. He was able to eat, he had energy, and his muscles miraculously regrew where they had once been disappearing.  Adrian is now able to enjoy growing up. He can go camping, hiking, skiing, and enjoy activities that most 16 year olds enjoy. He was given a future. Now Adrian enjoys mission work and regularly travels to Mozambique to serve along side his family.