Meet Marian

Marian NygArd

Marian NygArd

”16,” my mother said.

”No more than 16, or you’ll fall and get hurt.” 

That was how many books I could fit into the two plastic bags that dangled from the handlebars of my green bicycle. My mom was naturally preoccupied with my safety while I rode, but she was also desperately trying to prevent our home from being inundated by the millions of pages that would fill my bedroom. But I was euphorically happy as I returned home from the library, knowing full well that I would be back for another 16 treasures 4-5 days later. The books were safely returned, but the content stayed with me.
There’s a beauty to the exchange of stories. Hopes and dreams shift hands and hearts. Words carry life from one person to another and restore what is shattered and missing. 
The  NYGARD Family

The NYGARD Family

I am constantly amazed by how God speaks to me through stories, especially as I watch them unfold in the home where I share life and love with my amazing husband through 24 years and our four wonderful children. I likewise find God’s fingerprint in the stories of friends and strangers. By listening for his heartbeat in their stories, I get to know him better and love him even more fiercely.
Our own story is a story of life and death, of hopes and despair, and of God’s faithfulness and miracle-working power in the life of our youngest son, Adrian. 
It’s a story of a miracle 12 years in the making, a story of ordinary people and an extraordinary God. 
I hope you see God’s fingerprints in this story, and that our experience helps you get to know him better and love him more.

 - Marian