Bill Johnson's Foreword to I Have a Good Life by Marian Nygard

Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson

I am often asked what is the greatest miracle I've ever witnessed firsthand. It's always a challenging question for many reasons, as miracles are hard to categorize. But having said that, Adrian's healing is certainly in the top five—and maybe the top three, out of thousands.
I was there when the miracle took place. I'll never forget the joy that filled the room the night Adrian stood with his parents and testified of what had just happened. It was an indescribable moment. People stood and cheered, praising God for an extended period of time, for they had just witnessed something that only God Himself could accomplish. He healed a young man from such a tormenting affliction. Adrian's newfound freedom was palpable.
This amazing family made another trip to Bethel a reasonably short time after their initial trip. They testified again, this time of the creative miracles of newly formed muscles, and were also able to give us their doctor's reports confirming the things they told us previously. Once again we stood to give the One who is worthy, praise.
Following their visits to Redding, I met them once again in Norway. This time Adrian brought me a gift—a beautiful hunting knife that he picked out and purchased for me. It is one of my most prized possessions. It came from a grateful young man who got his life back.
Bill, Marian, and Adrian

Bill, Marian, and Adrian

I mention my privileged exposure to this family for only one reason: I know their story. I've watched it unfold, and have rejoiced with them over the abundance of God's goodness in their lives. But even so, I wept and wept throughout this book. To be honest, that caught me off guard. It's not as though tears are that foreign to me. They're not. They're actually quite common. It's just that I knew what to expect, and it still got me. I'm just glad I didn't read it on a plane, or in an airport club. Instead my tears fell quietly in my living room, making explanations unnecessary.
I was deeply moved over many things: the grief they went through for years before their miracle, and the courage they expressed throughout the ordeal. The challenges they had to face just to survive were beyond comprehension. The impossible challenge of getting Adrian to Bethel, with all the medical equipment that kept him alive, and yet the uncompromising dedication to do whatever God said. I was rocked over their honesty throughout the book. They did not work to project a greater faith than they actually had, nor did they dumb down their confidence in God to appear humble. This book is a masterpiece in honesty—refreshingly so. It was greatly impacted by the honor they gave to the medical community during the whole ordeal. Their story at this point could be considered a manual of "what to do if you think you're in the middle of a miracle." It was that good. The way they navigated the challenge with family and friends is honestly material I've never heard anyone talk about in this measure before. It is filled with such a profound measure of divine wisdom.
I was deeply moved by their comments about the presence of God, and Bethel's value for this greatest of all gifts from God. They gave us honor for our value of Him, and not the miracle, which was perfect!! The miracle was not our doing.
Miracles are gifts from God. As His servants, we sometimes get to be involved. But our role, while honorable in nature, is nothing more than what the postman does when he delivers a check in the mail. He didn't write it. And while we're thankful he brought it to us, we know to give thanks to the one who wrote the check. Jesus is to be praised, for He paid the price in full for Adrian's healing—and mine, and yours.
I sincerely want everyone I know to read this story. It is packed with practical faith, and extreme wisdom. Read it and be changed!


Bill Johnson
Bethel Church, Redding, CA
Author of When Heaven Invades Earth, and Co-author of
The Essential Guide to Healing